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Pikaia Pilates

Reformer Pilates Personal Training Studio with Online Classes

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Our Philosophy

Pikaia is all about making exercise fun and accessible for all, regardless of gender, size, fitness level or budget. We are passionate about Pilates and believe core-stability exercise is the only way to stay toned, agile, strong, injury free and body confident and should be practiced in your every day life. We specialise in reformer pilates with our small, semi-personal training sessions giving your body a focussed and restorative work out.  Our personal training studio is fully equipped giving engaging, dynamic workouts tailored specifically to you and how your body works. Our online classes are all about having fun while we get your body in shape giving you the opportunity to practice the Pikaia way wherever you are … it’s time to feel the possibility!

Available online & In Studio

Our Classes

Personal Training

Our Personal Training programme offers a studio playground where we challenge and have fun while you learn how your body works and feels. We can help achieve everything you have dreamed your body to be!

Reformer Pilates
Dynamic cross training workout is designed for both men and women of all ages and fitness levels
Pilates Mat Work
CoreFit Pilates Mat workout is an exceptional floor based workout using your own body as resistance to continually challenge and engage your core.
Dynamic Yoga
Dynamic yoga (the training method ) is based on sensitivity and guided by softness
Booty Barre©
This revolutionary program fuses fitness techniques from Pilates, Dance and Yoga with fluid athletic intervals.
Arms & Abs
Arms and Abs workout to help improve your posture.
Pre/Post Natal
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Jumpga is a hybrid of two disciplines, creating an entirely new exercise plan. It combines elements of both High intensity interval training (HIIT) and Yoga.
Encourage your employees to maintain a positive work/life balance with balanced wellness program including Pilates, Yoga, Breath-work and Meditation.
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Get Your Team Fit


At Pikaia Pilates & Yoga Studio, we strive to assist our Clients in offering a wellness program to support employees in achieving a healthy mind and body and we do this through Corporate Classes.

By actively promoting Pilates, Yoga, Breath-work and Meditation within the workplace you will encourage your employees to maintain a positive work/life balance.

What People Say
Sandra’s ability to both impart knowledge in her specialist areas of Pilates , body posture , body awareness , injury avoidance and rehab along with cardio , yoga and general mindfulness is second to none . The positive impact on my physical , mental and spiritual well being , through training with her is difficult to put down into words.
Mark Cutter, 57
Sandra has worked a complete miracle. I found her one to one sessions something to look forward to, her treatment room is relaxing and inviting, her knowledge of the physical anatomy is outstanding, she also offers a spiritual approach which creates an aura of wellbeing. You leave Sandra’s practice feeling that your money has been well spent and invested.
Belinda Stokes
Sandra had come highly recommend for pilates. I was very nervous attending my first class but I totally fell in love with it. Sandra is not just an excellent instructor; she has bundles of patience and is very warm and caring. I have now booked in one to one sessions, and I’m thoroughly enjoying every minute of my training.
Harinder Dhillon
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