what we do

We understand keeping you motivated, energized and challenged is key, particularly in 2020… therefore, we pride ourselves on providing some of the hottest workouts currently available, directly into to your home with our online classes.  

Our highly qualified instructors specialise in core-based classes such as the revolutionary Booty Barre workout using the ballet barre, Dynamic Yoga, Pilates Mat workouts, Pilates Bootcamp , and of course our in-studio Refomer Pilates Classes. Classes are choreographed to challenge but also allow you to work at your own level.

Pilates Reformer

45-60 minutes – In Studio

This dynamic cross training workout is designed for both men and women of all ages and fitness levels. The class is designed to engage and strengthen your core, waist and lower back muscles, helping improve posture and prevent injury. Pilates Reformers will give an intense full body work out using different resistance springs attached to the reformer which allow you to choose your own level of ability. This system will promote lean toned muscles – fast.

Pilates Mat Work

60 minutes – Online
CoreFit Pilates Mat workout is an exceptional floor based workout using your own body as resistance to continually challenge and engage your core. Each flowing continuous movement will help develop strength, flexibility, endurance, and posture. This class incorporates small equipment such as bands, fitness circles, small balls ensuring the class is fun and varied.

Dynamic Yoga

60 minutes – Online
Dynamic yoga (the training method ) is based on sensitivity and guided by softness . It allows anyone to unite body , mind and spirit through effortless action. No matter what your age , experience , flexibility or strength it can bring you to a satisfying intimacy with yourself that flowers in to total trust in life.

Booty Barre ®

45-60 minutes – Online
This revolutionary program fuses fitness techniques from Pilates, Dance and Yoga with fluid athletic intervals. Booty Barre is not just for the Booty it is also a full body workout which is fun but still pushes everyone’s individual endurance levels. Created by celebrity trainer Tracey Mallett, The Booty Barre® is the perfect combination of strength and flexibility with an added cardiovascular endurance element utilising the barre. The method focuses on proper anatomical biomechanics for a safe and fun class that is modified to accommodate all fitness levels.

Arms and Abs

60 minutes

Arms and Abs workout to help improve your posture.

Strong abdominal muscles can do your body a world of good, helping maintain a good posture. Prevent lower back pain : your abs play a large role in supporting your back and affecting the tilt of the pelvis – meaning the stronger your abs the stronger the support .

The importance of strong arms:

  • Stronger arms make it easier to perform everyday tasks
  • Increased arm strength will increase results in any workouts – even exercises that focus on other body parts
  • Muscle burns more calories than fat so strong, toned arms can help you achieve weight loss

These two workouts together are a fabulous way to achieve results in getting the body you desire .


45 minutes
What is Jumpga? Jumpga is a hybrid of two disciplines, creating an entirely new exercise plan. It combines elements of both High intensity interval training (HIIT) and Yoga. You will experience the power and stamina that comes from high intensity training , but also the sense of focus , calm, and flexibility from yoga postures without losing anything from either regime. A quick way to build muscle and lose fat. Increases agility, balance strength, suppleness and flexibility. Increases lymphatic circulation, respiration and bone density. Doing this once or twice a week helps you burn MORE calories when you are doing the cardio portion because your muscles require more energy.